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Wedding Gown Preservation Service

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Just drop it off.  DeBorah's Bridal staff will take care

of the packing and shipping for you.

DeBorah's Bridal offers Gown Preservation Services. 

Our Wedding Gown Preservation Co.

will clean & preserve your bridal gown plus issue you a certificate of guarantee.  They will also treat your bridal gown with a special anti-sugar treatment to help prevent your gown from yellowing.

Don't leave your gown in the closet with stains, food, drinks and dust that can eat into the fabric causing permanent damage to your investment.

Our Wedding Gown Preservation Company will clean & preserve your gown with a certificate to guarantee the condition of your gown for years to come.

Once your gown has been cleaned and

preserved by Wedding Gown Preservation,

it is sealed in a beautiful window display box and placed

into a carrying case.  It takes about 4 weeks for the process.  Drop it off to us before the honeymoon, and

we will take care of packing & shipping it off.  You can also include 2 additional items with your gown at no additional charge.   You do not have to worry about

beads or crystals being damaged with extreme heat. 

Our company is trusted and recommended

by of bridal shops and dry cleaners. 

The Cost is $226.  This includes Cleaning, Preservation, Insurance, Shipping & Handling both ways. 

The sooner you have it cleaned, the easier it is

to have stains removed from your beautiful bridal gown. 

It's always the best thing to do even if you plan to sell it.  You can sell it for more if it is in excellent condition.


Q  -  Do I need to clean my gown before dropping it off

        to DeBorah's Bridal?

A  -  No, we will handle everything for you to

        ensure a proper preservation.

Q  -   What else can I send along with my gown?


A  -   You may also send items such as your veil, headpiece,

        garter, gloves, moneybag, handkerchief, or slip, or

        cloth shoes at no additional charge.

Q  -   What about repairs?


A  -   Our company prides itself on having a large staff

         of tailors and seamstresses that can handle most

         repairs for a nominal fee when requested.

Q  -   Can I unseal my box to look at my bridal gown?


A  -   Yes you can.  Your preservation chest is shipped to

        you sealed. However, if the chest is opened, we have

        enclosed sealing squares to place inside the seams

        of the preservation chest to reseal it.  Also enclosed

        are gloved to wear to protect your gown from soil and

        body oil when handling it.  When following proper

        procedures, your guarantee will not be voided.

Q  -   Is my gown guaranteed?

        Yes.  We provide a 100% guarantee against

caramelized sugar stains or yellowing of the gown (see Preservation Kit Page for details) 

If at any time the gown is found to

        have yellowed or has caramelized stains, we will

        reprocess the gown at no extra charge to the customer.