DeBorah's Bridal

Charleston SC  29412     


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The Story Of The Bridesmaid

       Oh, what a great honor to be chosen to be a Bridesmaid. Her attire is very special for her Bride's special day. Color? No problem. Style? No problem. Help you do what? No problem. Above all, she wants her Bride to be Happy!

       She is the protector of her Bride. She looks out for any suspicious people and activities that arises that may try to disrupt her Brides day. She is on guard no matter what time of the day or night, for she is faithful to her Bride. She assist with any needs that her Bride may have while wishing her the best at all times. When the pressures of planning brings stress upon her Bride, she is there to offer a shoulder of strength. She helps her Bride stay focused by reminding her of the purpose of all her planning. It is to present herself to her special love and soul mate like blooming flowers in the garden providing nectar for the bees to make honey. Beautifully blooming with colors and fragrances of love. The faithful Bridesmaid will be loyal and devoted to her Bride and eliminating any unnecessary stress when possible.

       Whatever color or dress her Bride chooses, she will wear with a smile on her face, above all, she wants her Bride to be happy. For she understands it is the Bride's wedding not the Bridesmaid's. She has been chosen from many to stand close to her Bride and be a witness of such a Holy Union. And this Bridesmaid knows in her heart that when it is her time, she will want a warm and caring, loving and faithful Bridesmaid like herself protecting her on her wedding day