DeBorah's Bridal 

1702 Old Towne Rd. Charleston SC  29407


The Story Of The Flower Girl

      As the doors open for the Bride to enter, the Flower Girl

is seen first. With confidence, she symbolizes and walks in a

state of youthfulness, pure love, innocence, awe of wonder

and beauty in her white or ivory Flower Girl Dress.  She represents the transition of a

little girl blooming to become a beautiful stunning

Bride, wife, and mother.

     The Flower Girl wears a circular hoop which is

symbolic to the wedding ring and eternal love shared

between a Bride and Groom. She throws

pedals of flowers joyously as she welcomes her

Bride into the holy sanctuary.

Once she has lead her Bride to the altar,

she takes her place next to the bridal party with joy

knowing she has fulfilled her purpose.

For she knows that to be chosen as a

Flower Girl to usher her Bride to the altar is

such a great honor.