DeBorah's Bridal

Charleston SC  29412


In short DeBorahs Bridal offers a great selection (for ladies both slender and curvy!), amazing customer service, knowledgeable and attentive consultants, and a pleasantly unique ability to find the perfect dress.  Prices are very reasonable, especially for the quality!

The two ladies we worked with are amazing and work very well together.  Shadante is my Consultant and DeBorah, the owner, brought everything full circle.  My mom & I moved back our appointment twice in one day (ugh!) but they made light of the situation and welcomed us with kindness and professionalism.  Shadante asked questions, gave suggestions, and really listened to my input so she understood the theme & vision I'm going for.   Next she ushered me into the bridal section and closed if off, giving me undivided attention on her part and an uninterrupted appointment.  DeBorah also came to lend a helping hand.

We found at least six styles for me to try on.  The first just didn't do it for me, the second was gorgeous but not the one, and the third was the last one I needed to put on.  It is exactly the dress I've envisioned and I couldn't be happier.  Both ladies knew instantly which veil to show me, and their expertise paid off.  I said "Yes to the Dress!"


DeBorah is amazing!  She's so willing to help you with whatever you need and stay for hours to help you find the right dress.  She has great suggestions and a great selection of dresses to choose from.  I was SO in love with my dress!  It had the most unique lace detail on it and was super affordable.  I had such a wonderful experience with DeBorah and her staff, I would highly recommend her to anyone!


Ms. Deborah, Jacki and I can Never thank you enough.  She was total sad about not finding what she wanted till we came to you.  She was total sad about not finding what she wanted till we came to you.  YOU made her dream gown come true!  And people are still talking about it.  SHE WAS STUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!


I had a great experience with DeBorah's Bridal.  When I first arrived, they had me fill out a form with my "wants" and let me browse the showroom.  DeBorah and her staff were extremely attentive to me and let me try on 8 different dresses before I picked out mine.  It was perfect for me and cost WAY less than those "couture" shops on TV.  I had previously visited a different "couture" shop and they practically ignored me, while snubbing their noses at my more-than-sufficient budget.  DeBorah's was by far a better experience!  They still had all the newest styles and most common designers too!  I was able to order my dress to my measurements and when it came in months later there were only a couple of minor alterations to be made.  DeBorah was very patient with me and when I came to have my final fitting on Tuesday before my Saturday wedding everything fit PERFECTLY.  I couldn't have chosen a better dress shop.


DeBorah's Bridal

So thankful to have found DeBorah's Bridal! I purchased my dress at a wedding shop out of state and needed major alternations- a 5 inch hem on a dress with a ton of lace appliques. which meant that the seamstress literally had to remove 15+ delicate lace appliques, hem the dress, and then apply them back on to the fabric. Not only did they do a fantastic job altering the dress, but the cost was so much less than I was quoted by a different seamstress. I honestly can't be more thrilled with my gown and the service I received at DeBorah's Bridal.

Lauren C.

DeBorah's Bridal is fantastic!!!

They have an amazing selection of gowns at many different price points. I live in SC, but my family/friends all live in other states, so I had to shop for my dress alone. However, DeBorah and her staff were caring and thoughtful, and they all gave me great feedback to help me find my perfect dress. I ended up choosing a Casablanca-a dress company that I highly recommend because of their willingness to make any gown they've ever produced, as well as make any custom changes- and DeBorah helped me choose the details that I wanted to add to the gown. DeBorah also worked with me to purchase my bridesmaid's gowns- I ended up purchasing them in SC and having DeBorah ship them to PA. She helped make sure everyone ordered the right size gown, and shipped them speedily to my girls.  DeBorah's Bridal is a great place to shop, the staff are fantastic and talented, I highly recommend DeBorah's Bridal!!!


Dear DeBorah,

Thank you so much for helping make Jessica into the most beautiful bride! She looked stunting as she walked down the aisle in her gown. You treated us very kindly, and you truly helped to "Save the day" with your gracious heart. We are so very appreciative to you! Sincerely, L and H , J and J


Gifts of thoughtfulness and caring are kept forever in the memory of the heart. Remembering your thoughtfulness and all the joy it brought. Thanks for all you've done to make our wedding so special. You are truly gifted at what you do. Thanks again Auntie. Love Mr & Mrs QH Dear


Thank you so much for your help in turning Catherine's vision of her wedding dress into reality. She was a beautiful bride! You can see the pictures by ..., Janie G

Dear DeBorah

Please excuse my computer assisted note, but I have succumbed to technology's advantages in expedience and legibility. I just wanted to write and thank you for helping Laura with her beautiful wedding dress. We would not have found such a perfect dress without your expertise. You chose the dress from all of your inventory for Laura to try; you improved the dress with beautiful sleeves and buttons down the back, and you helped by advocating for us with the company when there was a problem. In addition, your alterations made the dress absolutely perfect. I really can't thank you enough for all of your kind help. Sincerely Julie T


Thank you so much for being such a great listener, for paying attention to detail, and for choosing the dress that caused us all to take a collective GASP!! I was a pleasure doing business with you! Sincerely J

Mrs. Deborah,

I wanted to thank you for making my experience with my dress purchase so wonderful. I came last week while you were out and picked up the dress. It fits perfectly! Thank you again for everything. It was so delightful working with you. Sincerely Margaret S ( "Mother of the Groom")

Ms. DeBorah

Thank you so much for meeting us today -- That's goes way beyond your responsibilities to us and it proves what a good business woman you are. No wonder your shop is so well known, even in the Upstate! You are truly a blessing! Love, Kelly & Becky


Here is a photo of my dress before the alterations and after. Just beautiful, Many thanks to you and your expertise. I will send you a picture from the wedding. My dress was lovely. Beth

Dear DeBorah

Thanks to you and your lovely staff for all your help with my wedding gown, veil, and alterations! I absolutely LOVED the way it all looked together. I have already recommended your store to my friends getting married next year. Sincerely, Catherine...

Dear DeBorah's Bridal,

Thank you so very much for taking care of me during the pre-wedding phase. My mother and I are eternally grateful for the wonderful service you provided us. The veil, tiara and dress made me truly feel like a princess on my Big Day! You guys were a pleasure to work with from the dress selection to the fittings. We hope you'll enjoy the pictures. Sincerely, Romina & Jacob

Dear DeBorah,

I just wanted to say thank you so much for doing such a beautiful job altering my gown. Just by adding the sleeves you completely transformed what was just a beautiful dress into the most perfect wedding gown for me. It suited me so well, and I felt radiant wearing it. I was nervous about changing it at the last minute, but felt confident I was in good hands. You delivered 100%. Thank you for making my wedding day perfect. Diana H.

Dear Miss DeBorah,

I cannot begin to tell you how much I appreciated your expertise, efficiency, and kindness that you afforded Christine and me in preparing her for her wedding.  Your availability to me was wonderful. Thanks for the "Bustle" lesson and of course for helping to get Christine's dress into my car. Believe me, the pressure to get to Kiawah in one unwrinkled piece was almost overwhelming to me. I felt like I was "home free" once the dress was in the hands of the bride. I'm sorry but I forgot the name of the lady who works for you. She was wonderful to us, too.  You are both very kind loving ladies. Thank you again and may God's blessings be upon you.  Sincerely,  Terry G.

DeBorah Thanks a million for your professionalism. You made me feel like a beautiful bride to be and I'am just starting out. Can't wait untill the outcome. I know God lead me in the right path. Looking forward to working with you. Patricia

To: DeBorah's Bridal I bought my bridemaids dresses at DeBorah's Bridal. I like the one-on-one consultation and friendliness. The customer service was very good. Steffanie DeBorah Just driving by really. Ended up liking the selection. Great selection, excellent accomodating staff, customer service is a top priority. Excellent, very willing to meet every challenge with care and ease. Stephanie

Ms. Deborah's knowledge and expertise of the industry and ability to do alterations is why I decided to buy here. DeBorah's Bridal gives personal service, will to work with the customer. I received excellent service, always professional. Carmen